Cutting-edge derivatives pricing and asset and risk management solutions.

For over 20 years SciComp's team of numerical experts has worked closely with top tier practitioners around the globe implementing derivatives pricing models, providing parallel computing solutions for both derivatives pricing models and risk system components, and custom developing asset and risk management solutions.

Derivatives pricing models

Derivatives Pricing Models

One size does not fit all when it comes to derivatives pricing model solutions. 

Custom Developed Models

Unlike vendors that rely upon pre-built libraries or toolkits, SciComp’s pricing and calibration models are built to exact customer specifications using industry standard or proprietary model dynamics, state of the art numerical methods and customer selected interfaces. Find out more.

Ready-to-Use Models 

SciComp provides a suite of robust, ready-to-use pricing and calibration products that can be integrated with existing trading and risk systems or used as standalone solutions. All pricing and calibration models can easily be customized to meet customer requirements. Find out more.

SciFinance: Technology of Choice for In-house Model Development

SciFinance automatically generates efficient C/C++-family pricing model source code from high-level model specifications. With hundreds of customizable, composable, industry-proven examples to choose from and a robust, transparent modeling environment, users can easily and rapidly create bespoke models for all asset classes. Find out more.

Parallel Computing

SciComp is one of the earliest adaptors of NVIDIA’s GPU technology for use in financial services and has a high level of expertise with GPU technology. Our key area of focus has been the GPU-enablement of derivatives pricing models and risk system components. Find out more.

Parallel computing CUDA

Asset and Risk Management

Risk Management

SciComp provides expert, cost effective derivatives pricing and risk management services to the financial services sector.

GPU-Enabled Pricing Analytics

Simulation Models

Pricing Model Validation