Risk Simulation Models

SciComp Consulting's skilled, professional quantitative development team provides expert, cost-effective derivatives risk simulation consulting services. With nearly 20 years of experience, SciComp Consulting's team of numerical experts has worked closely with top tier practitioners around the globe implementing derivatives pricing and risk management solutions at major financial institutions.

Risk Simulation Design

SciComp Consulting's risk simulation model expertise includes the design, implementation, enhancement and testing of risk simulation models and their components. Employing a sophisticated suite of numerical routines and methodologies SciComp Consulting provides robust and highly performant risk simulation models.

GPU-Enabled Simulation Models

As one of the earliest adaptors of NVIDIA's GPU technology for use in financial services, SciComp has many years of experience and a high degree of expertise in GPU-enabling derivative pricing and risk solutions. SciComp Consulting's expert GPU team will perform a thorough review of a risk simulation model's design and implementation to identify and port those components best suited for GPU-enablement.

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