SciXL from SciComp takes the pain out of producing Microsoft Excel add-ins

SciComp Inc. has released SciXL, a Microsoft Excel add-in generator for SciFinanceŽ the companys flagship product. SciFinance uses software synthesis technology to enable financial analysts to quickly build complex option pricing models without manual programming. Now SciXL provides an easy-to-use tool for integrating code into Excel. SciXL automatically builds programs and custom spreadsheets, allowing programmers to concentrate on their core skills.

"Just as SciFinance enables you to produce custom pricing codes without programming," said Elaine Kant, president of SciComp, "SciXL automatically integrates SciFinance-produced pricing models into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets." Quantitative analysts, traders and IT integrators can all benefit from having models in a familiar spreadsheet interface. Users can change input values and get updated output values instantly--no knowledge of C code is required to run new numbers.

SciComp Inc. co-developed SciXL with Planatech Solutions Ltd., a London-based software development and consulting company. "Working with SciComp to automate the integration of SciFinance code into Excel was a good fit, since we specialize in tools that interface between different languages and technologies," said Bruce Belson, Managing Director of Planatech Solutions. "SciXL is a breakthrough, since it builds the add-in for you, and creates and maintains all the code that links the add-in programs to Excel. In addition, add-ins written in C++ perform much faster and are more stable than those written in Visual Basic."

This article appeared in Financial Engineering News.