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I am interested in modelling these asset classes:

equity derivatives cross currency structures
FX derivatives energy derivatives
commodity derivatives credit derivatives
convertible bonds hybrid instruments
interest rate derivatives other

Specific models or features needed:


I would like to evaluate:

SciFinance® Automatic source code generation for pricing derivatives
Parallel computing (GPU/CUDA/Open MP)

SciComp Consulting:

Derivatives Pricing Models Calibration
Derivatives Pricing Models Futures Volatility Surface Calibrator
Ultimate Convertible Bond Pricing Model Stochastic Local Volatility Calibrator
STCDO Pricing Engine Heston Stochastic Volatility Calibrator
Bond Calculator Local Volatility Calibrator
CDS Pricer 1- or 2-Factor Short Rate Calibrator
Yield Curve Builder ATM Gabillion Calibrator
    ATM Schwartz97 Calibrator
    CDS Calibrator
    Large Pool Model Calibrator
    Semi-Analytic Implied Base Correlation Calibrator
    Custom Calibrators


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